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Now that you’ve discovered word’s easiest crypto investing solution, your work is half done. Just fill in the details.

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Whatever amount you wish, however, you wish. We support multiple payment methods with amount starting at $25

Buy Crypto

Analyse the performance of various cryptos and buy or sell single or multiple assets

Stake with one easy tap

One-click Staking/Unstaking

Stake a single asset or entire portfolio with One easy tap

Earn weekly rewards

Earn rewards every week in KIND or in B21. Earn more than 2X staking rewards in B21

Zero Fee

No transaction fees for staking or unstaking crypto assets. No minimum balance required.

Start Staking Crypto today!

Stake Crypto

Stake with one easy tap

Powered by VISA

Industry's first widely accepted secured Credit Card powered by VISA

Accepted at 45M+ merchants

Spend your crypto for making online/offline purchases at over 45M merchants. Pay with contactless, swipe or withdraw cash from ATM

Accepted everywhere

Pay using your crypto at hotels, car rentals, for online subscriptions and more!

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Why B21 ?

80+ Countries

B21 app is available to 72% of the world's population including USA. If you are reading this, chances are this is cheapest way to invest in crypto in your country

Multiple Payment Methods

Bank wires, ACH, International Wire, US domestic wire, Credit/Debit Cards. Whatever is your preferred mode, B21 has got you covered

Custodial License

You can trust as much as you would trust the bank. Full custodial solution to keep your investments safe and protected from any unseen circumstances.

Integrated Portfolio Manager

Experts believe keeping a track of investment is more import than the investment itself. B21's intuitive dasboard helps you manage all your investment’s performance.

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